Producing an e-newsletter is no small task: you research and write, you pull relevant photos and links, you circulate with staff for edits and feedback, you gain the necessary approval.  The process can take days, sometimes even weeks.  And then there's franking.  Successful delivery should be a given, right?

The truth of the matter: optimized delivery hinges on constant vigilance, strict adherence to cumbersome industry best practices, and relationship building with ISPs.  Maintaining a healthy IP reputation is an ongoing battle - a battle often left unspoken by the other guys.  Why?  It's hard work.

We are delivery specialists - in fact, we're kind of obsessed with it.  If your emails are being labeled as spam by any provider, we begin a rigorous white-listing process.

We know you'll agree: if your emails aren't being delivered, your e-newsletter program cannot be a success.

Curious if you have a delivery problem?  Here's a quick diagnostic:

  1. What are your bounce numbers like?  Does your system routinely scrub for hard bounces?  Do you remove soft bounces manually per industry-recommended criteria?
  2. When have you last checked your IP reputation?
  3. Have you noticed any drops in open/read rates?
  4. Do you struggle to engage new audiences? 

Curious to learn more?  Just give us a call.

For more information about the DCS e-newsletterservice, click here.