DCS Congressional works closely with communications and press staff of members of Congress to aid them in leveraging online tools more effectively. We bring digital strategy to the Congressional space - think subject line testing, UX-guided web design, data-focused telephone town halls . . . etc.

We do more than simply provide our clients with tools and software - we engage our clients in hands-on, proactive counsel to ensure that each project, be it an e-newsletter survey, a slide for the website, or a robo call, delivers the greatest impact possible. We're problem solvers, brainstormers, and innovators. We believe the popular way isn't always the smartest way, and we're unafraid of taking calculated, data-driven risks.

DCS was founded in 2004 by Gerry Kavanaugh. Having served as Senator Kennedy's Chief of Staff for many years, Gerry saw an opportunity to continue his work for progressive causes by helping bring offices up-to-date on the latest online tools and strategy, at that time lobbying offices to begin pursuing e-newsletter programs as the medium grew in prevalence. In 2009, after deciding to pursue additional ventures back home in New England, Gerry gave the reigns to his wife, Colleen Kavanaugh, who continues to lend her sage strategic counsel to clients both new and old.

DCS is a certified vendor for the United States Congress and has secure technology platforms that are intuitive and easy-to-use. DCS believes that first-rate security is a must for all of our clients and works hard to ensure that all sites are monitored and security updates are made consistently.